DNA replication & PCR, General Biology, Open Courses at UC-Berkeley

General Biology, Great open courses given by Gary L. Firestone, Michael Meighan Jasper D. Rine and Jennifer A. Doudna, professors at UC-Berkeley.

There is more to DNA replication than we talked about yesterday so I tried to upload this video to help you learn more. 

“tried? ”

“Well, turned out ‘ DNA replication and PCR open course at Berkeley.mp4 exceeds the maximum upload size (8 MB)for this site.'”

So I would just provide the link where you can watch it online.

After watching it, maybe you will find more than just DNA replication: you may as well find how it feels going to college.

I look forward to it every time I have finished an open course online. Hope you do, too.

>>click here to watch the video